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Saving on a regular basis

As a customer of Better Globe you decide entirely how many, when and what you wish to purchase. However the Better Globe model for wise investments is build on buying regularly. 

Better Globe work long term and sustainable and is therefore dependent on customers that are also long term in their investments. To buy trees long term is not only good for the operation in eastern Africa, but also for you as a customer. 

Better Globe needs this to be able to run the business efficient through the whole year and there is need for water and school all year around. So our best tip and advice is to buy trees regularly. 

By saving regularly with Better Globe you can build a portfolio with trees from different years which will give a return every year. By saving this way your revenue will increase and be stable at the level that you wish. After about 10 years of regularly saving you will be break-even with your invested money, which means that after ten years you will have just as much back in revenue as you put in tree savings. 

By saving on a regular basis there will be a break point on the tenth year where you don’t need to put more money in. The money machine works for itself. This means that you can continue to buy trees after the tenth year with the big difference that you can buy them with money from your trees instead of new money. 

Better Globes upside with costumers saving on a regular basis is that they can plan and budget the operation when customers buy monthly. Therefore they encourage costumers that buys 1 donation package and 10 trees a month. Customers that saves like this are rewarded with bonus trees that Better Globe buys for them as a thank you. If you buy 1 donation package and 10 trees a month Better Globe will buy extra 20 trees for you at the end of the year. These bonus trees will give you an extra revenue of € 4165. With the extra bonus trees your total revenue for saving like this for one year will be € 33 736,5. See the graph above.

Your bonus trees will give the exact same revenue as the ordinary trees, which makes this a great alternative for you as a customer over a longer period of time. Off course it is possible to buy trees and donation packages any time during the year if you haven’t started saving like this in January. To be able to get your 20 bonus trees you need to have bought 120 trees and 12 donation packages by the end of the year. This offer can not be combined with other offers.  

Buying trees with this model gives you a more profitable price per tree then if you buy them without the bonus. 

The best thing to do is to save like this on a monthly basis for many years. Not only does it help Better Globe to continue their work locally in the plantations and with the farmers but it also makes your revenue grow bigger every year. If you buy a tree 2018, your first revenue will come 2022 and the following 15 years until the clear-cutting 2037 and you will have 10 times the money you first invested.

 If you buy trees the year after, 2019, the first revenue will come 2023 and you will also get a revenue for the trees planted 2018. It means you will have revenue from two different years. This will continue for every year you choose to buy trees and donation packages. To see this better you can use the tree-calculator here

A great way to use the tree calculator is to see how much money you wish to have in the future and buy the amount of trees necessary to get that amount. Off course it’s possible to buy more trees than this if you like.