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To buy trees is a risk and Better Globe does not guarantee any return. However what they do guarantee is that they do everything in their power to keep all promises and agreements in the same way that they have done since 2006. They actively work with observations, minimizing and eliminating the different risks. 

Just like any other ways of savings and investing, you as a tree buyer takes a risk. The risk you take is that you could loose parts of or all your invested capital. The risks associated with buying trees from Better Globe as we see it are in the following categories:


Risks associated with forestry

These risks includes all that has to do with plantations and production. It could be drought, insect infestation or fire at the plantation. These risks are the ones that is of least threat since they can be minimized and eliminated. These are questions that affect all forestry companies and is a part of the daily business in Kenya and Uganda to handle. Learn more about how they work with these questions in our FAQ section.


Risks associated with business in Africa 

To do business in Africa is associated with higher risk than to do business for example in Scandinavia. The trees that are planted is however not possible to grow in the cold north. Today the business is operated in Kenya and Uganda, which are very stable democratises in Africa. 

Better Globe has long experience of running business in these countries and they would not do it if they didn’t think it would be manageable. 


Risks associated with Better Globe

Off course you as a customer or potential customer needs to make your own judgement on how you estimate the risk with Better Globe as a company and supplier. Better Globe sees that trust is everything when it comes to business and investment and is therefore eager to hold all promises. They have held all promises and always paid return to all costumers as promised even though the road to success hasn’t always been straight. 

All strains and successes has made Better Globe as stable and secure as they have ever been. They have delivered fantastic results and has shown that their business idea works, contribute and is commercially viable. 




Important to know

There are other risks that can affect your trees. In short terms we want to recommend that you: 

Do not buy trees for money you can’t afford to loose. 

Do not “put all eggs in the same basket” spread your risks. 

The best thing to do is to buy trees regularly and over a longer period of time. 

The money you buy trees for is locked after the first refund period of 14 days. After these 14 days it’s the return of trees according to the agreement between you and Better Globe. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us a message or look at our FAQ section here. 


Lastly, we did a very thorough investigation before we decided to buy our first trees. Asta has been to both Kenya and Uganda 2015 and both Sandra and Asta traveled again to Kenya in 2017. We have seen the trees, met the farmers, been to schools, met customers in the microcredit bank and seen the drought and what it does to families and communities. 

We have seen that the work that Better Globe does really changes peoples lives and the climate.