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Planting trees in the semi-desert

 Scientists agree that human life will not exist on our planet if the global warming continues. The release of CO2 in the atmosphere is one of the biggest causes of global warming.

Our earth will survive, it has done that before but human life here will not be able to exist if it continues like this. One way to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere is by planting trees. However, we loose about 48 football fields worth of forest every minute on a global scale and by 2030 the need for water is going to be 40% larger than the access of water. What makes Better Globe unique is that they have successfully been able to manage forestry on a commercial basis in the semi desert area. Where it’s almost impossible to grow anything at all because of the drought and erosion. 

By constructing the plantations on the countryside in the semi-desert areas, Better Globe reach those people who are in great need of help to help themselves, as well as making almost unusable soil turn into flourishing plantations. In south of Sahara there are big areas of soil that most have considered being close to useless. It’s not possible to conduct agriculture or farm food on it, you can’t care for animals or use it for anything useful. 



The local population are missing both their own resources and the knowledge to take care of the soil in a way to make it usable again. In many cases they have already abandoned their land which leads to big dry areas. If nothing is done to improve the circumstances the soil will eventually blow or rain away and left is the red desert that is so common on the countryside in Kenya. The only way to fight this is through planting trees. 

In this Picture you can see very clearly the line that separates the flourishing plantation and the dry red ground. By working long-term in a systematic way Better Globe trees contribute to reducing erosion and changes the micro-climate. 


Once the trees are in place and rooted firmly in the ground, they cast a shadow, attract moisture and nutrients in the soil. The soil becomes more and more fertile every year, and after just a few years there is a huge difference in the ground that was a dry semi-desert. That makes the fauna return with mammals, birds, amphibians and insects. The local climate changes and makes it possible to plant crops between the trees that give an annual harvest.

Better Globe has shown that it is possible to stop the erosion completely around the lake at Kiambere. This is through planting trees and through blockage of erosion ravines with thousands of dams.