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To be able to reduce coruption and poverty in an effective way it’s crucial to work holistically. Off course a big part is to create work opportunities but it is necessery to make sure that other businesses are being able to grow, that the children have opportunity to go to school and so on. 

The poverty in the world has decreased but is still a big issue and in eastern part of africa, south of sahara many people still live under the united nations poverty threshold of 2 dollars a day and two of the biggest slum areas are located in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Tested methods give result

In fact nothing of what Better Globe does is new. Planting trees got the Kenyan environmentalist and later on environmental minister Wangari Maathai the nobel prize in 2004. A few years later Muhammad Yunus was awarded the nobel prize for micro loans. Malala Yousfzai got the nobel peace price 2014 for fighting for girls right to education, which is one of the most important ways to eradicate poverty. All of these factors are the foundation to be able to fight poverty long term. What separates Better Globe from the rest is that they combine these factors to a working operation with many winners. It’s called the Donation package. 


Most of Better Globes customers wants to help the people that work with taking care of our trees. Therefore Better Globe created the Donation package to combine investments with donations. One donation package consists of: 

Two trees that are yours to keep

Two trees that are gifted 

500 liters of water 

1.5 € for schools

1.5 € for microcredits 


Better Globe is a forestry company and does not run any schools or microcredit banks. Their speciality is planting trees in the semi-desert area so they cooperate with others that specializes in the different areas. The donation package is perfect for both investments and donations. 

It costs 53€ and since two trees is worth 17€ each, the donation is 19€. Every € goes to the ones that need it most since Better Globe Forestry doesn’t take any administration costs. Better Globe Foundation administrates the charity part of the donation package. 

A great part of the donation package increases the possibilities for children in the semi-desert to get education. Only 40% of the children attend school except in the areas Better Globe works where the attendance has more than doubled.

Two trees that are gifted to schools or local organisations 

Better Globe works in cooperation with the schools near the plantations. They are often given trees for the children to take care of and the fruits from the trees as well. They are usually given mango trees but also different kind of nut trees. Better Globe has together with Ken-Gen and bamburi created the green initiative challenge to teach children the importance of planting trees and taking care of the earth.


In KAEWA secondary school every pupil is responsible for one tree each. 


Life in the semi desert evolve around water. The lack of it is the absolutely biggest problem in the areas that Better Globe work. The lack doesn’t only affect the practical issues when planting trees but also health, hygiene, food and the ability to go to school. Most people that live in the semi-desert areas lacks clean water. It rains about two times a year and the locals have small possibilities to gather the water until the next rain season. This means that they often need to walk for 6-8 hours to get water and it’s often the duty of children or women in the family. Therefor many children are unable to attend school. 


Many people gather water from the rivers but when it’s not rain season the river is dry. To access the river water in dry season they need to dig holes in the sand to get water. It’s often salty and dirty, but free. When Better Globe makes access to water in their plantations they also make it accessible for the schools as well. Sometimes it consists of equipment to gather water and tanks, sometimes they drill for water and sometimes where the access of water is to little they send tank cars with water for the children. 

The school attendance are twice as big in the areas where Better Globe has made sure that water is accessible. Where Better Globe has brought water to the schools  it’s therefore a very effective way to increase possibilities for education and fight poverty in an effective way. 

For the children to be able to learn and grow more than their parents was able to is a good premise for development. 

The best way to help Better Globe make water accessible is with the donation package

1.5 € for schools 

For every donation package bought 1.5€ goes to building new or renovating existing schools in connection to the tree plantations. 

The buildings are often in very bad shape with walls that have big holes and roofing that is almost non existing. The floors are often packed sand which can be dangerous for children to inhale. 

Better Globe has built and renovated 7 buildings. When they do that they hire locals and buy materials locally to increase their returns. 


Better Globe provides water collection system for the schools 

Better Globe does not operate any schools. They only finance renovations and buildings of them. What Better Globe does is that they work closely with organisations and co-operatives that run schools. One of these is Child Africa which is a NGO (Non-Governmental-Organization) that run schools in Uganda.

Child Africa school and education is known worldwide for their way of education which helps children from socio-economic bad conditions to be able to assimilate the education and be successful in school. Students of Child Africa are compatible with students of the most prestigious schools in the area. The education is built on building confidence in the children and establishing basic values. For this they have been awarded best NGO in education. 

Child Africa runs schools and sponsorships for children primarily in Uganda. Child Africa is like many charity organisations dependent that businesses, organisations and individuals contributes in different ways to their organisation. 

Teachers salaries, books, food and clothes for the children are 100 per cent dependent on donations. A part of the money from the donation package goes to Child Africa but also a big part of Better Globes profit is donated to the organization. 

Kate is the first deaf student to graduate from Child Africa school. She now works as a teacher in the school in Kabale, Uganda.

Child Africa is also known to integrate children with different needs in their school. Many of these children are deaf so all children and teachers off course, at the school are taught sign language to be able to communicate. They also use cell phones to be able to send text messages to each other. Many of the children live at the school. It is often the best option for the children. They can then focus on the studies and don’t have to worry about helping out at home. They are provided with three meals every day, which is not always possible at home. 


Bingwa means hero in Swahili and is a magazine that Child Africa makes and distribute. It teaches children that everybody are heroes in their own way and that everybody is good at something. It helps boost their confidence which is highly needed among the children and especially with the deaf children that sometimes haven’t had the chance to communicate before they start in the Child Africa school. Bingwa is donated to many schools in Eastern Africa and every copy is on average red by 100 children. The magazine is in English and can be bought here.


The best thing to do to support the schools is through the donation package

1.5€ for Microcredits 

The last part of the donation package goes to financing different microcredit banks to help poor farmers and entrepreneurs to open their own or develop their operation. This is a very effective way to help people change their situation since they pay their loans at the same time as they can establish their own business or reduce their expenditures. 

The microloan bank is a cooperation owned by the loan takers. Today it consists of about 4100 families. Better Globe does not own, manage or makes any money from these microloan banks, they only finance them through the donation package. 


Employers in front of the microcredit bank, financed by Better Globes customers through the donation package.

A new loan taker must initially buy a bank book, where all transactions are registered. He or she need so take a 4 week long education in economy where they are taught how to create an income or in different ways reduce expenses with the borrowed money. 

After this is done the loan taker is permitted it’s first loan. When the loan is paid back they can take another loan.

The first loan is between 1 200 – 10 000 KES and the payback is 6 months. After it’s paid it’s possible to get a higher loan with longer payback time. The loans are usually used to make life easier with roofing or a proper mattress to sleep on. It’s also used to lower expenses like with the stove in the picture

that uses less energy or with solar cells that saves money and makes it possible for children to study after the sun sets. Many use the microcredit to create a business and buys animals for farming, some build furniture etc. it’s also possible to borrow things such as chairs for café or study circles, water tanks or solar cells. 


Since the loan takers are joint owners in the bank they take part of the profit at the end of the year. 40 per cent of the revenue is given back to the owners and 60 per cent goes back to the operation. Around 98% of the loans are paid back.

Elisabeth is a single mother of 5 children. She became a member of the bank and has bought both goats and a cow. She also has solar cells and has made a fence around her tree plants where she grows Better Globe trees. With the help of Better Globe she has managed to change her own and her children’s life.   

The woman in blue managed to change the life of many when she hid money from her drunk husband to be a member of the bank and buy a goat. When she was able to pay the loan back she bought more goats. Her husband stopped drinking and started to help her with the farm and they now have a farm of more than 30 goats. 


The best way to help entrepreneurs in Eastern Africa is through the donation package.


When you as a customer invests in trees and chooses to buy a donation package you contribute directly to make people have a better life and entrepreneurship on the countryside in Kenya and Uganda. In extension the infrastructure is build through the microloans. 


Environmental effects

The donation package is a perfect way to better the environment. You as a costumer is given revenue for 2 trees but 4 trees are planted. By subscribing to a donation package monthly the trees will neutralize the environmental effects of two people living in industrial countries.  

The best way to better the environment is through the donation package.