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Rino Solberg

Rino Solberg is chairman, founder and owner of  Better Globe. He is originally from Norway and has been an entrereneur in his whole life. He has togheter with his wife Julie Solberg created what is Better Globe today. 

They started first with “Solberg Children’s Help Organization” wich later became to be known as Child Africa, a non-profit-organisation in Uganda. As the couple saw the problems behind poverty, corruption and criminality they had an idea of how to counteract this in an effective way. 

This idea is what lead to Better Globe planting it’s first trees in the semidesert of Kenya where no other entrepreneur has established. Rino is sertain that this is an effective way to erradicate poverty, corruption and crime. 


Rino Solberg at TedX, 2017.

Business Worldwide Interview With Rino, 2017.

Jean-Paul Deprins

Jean-Paul Deprins is born in Belgium but has lived in Kenya for most of his adult life. He has been with Better Globe since the beginning in 2006 and worked as CEO of Total Quality Control in Nairobi, Kenya. He has worked with quality control and quality enhancement in Kenyan industry for many years and is well known of the Kenyan community and work. 

It has always been a big goal for Better Globe to work against corruption and in that work Jean-Pauls experience has been invaluable. 

Jean-Paul is a patient, empathic and a very socially experience businessleader wich is needed in Kenya where it can be easy to be tempted by bribes.

For Better Globe it is essential to never take or give bribes and Jean-Paul is the man to handle the business work. 


Jan Vandenabeele

Jan Vandenabeele is also born in Belgium but is now a Kenyan citizen. He has studied agroculture and forestry and has more than 30 years experience of different projects in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. 


He has worked with projects that are nationally or internationally financed to help people and enviornment. Jan has in these project had a leading possition to implement projects from a tecnical view. 

Since the foundation of Better Globe Jan Vandenabele has been the forest manager and responseble for the tecnical implementing of plantation, propulsion and everything that evolves the trees such as wattering, ecosystem and sustainability. Jan choose to leave his mission in the aid sector to work with Better Globe and one of the reasons is because he values the sustainability and long-term process. 

He wants to see the work of his and others effort live long after the project financing has ended and onfortunately it hasn’t been the case in all of his 30 years in the business. Better Globes business concept ensures sustainability and value for everyone involved over a long time period and that is something that Jan values high.