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Better Globe

Just like many bigger companies Better Globe works in a corporate group where different companies focuses on different things. 


Better Globe Forestry Ltd. Is a Kenyan company owned by the founders, who also work in the company. In Kenya and Uganda it is with Better Globe Forestry Ltd. that all cooperation and contracts are drawn. They are the ones that plants and takes care of the trees that you as a customer buys and will repurchase the trees you own when it’s time for harvest. 

They run and take care of the plantations, educate and supports the out growers. They also arrange trips for customers and ambassadors from around the world that wants to visit the operation in Kenya and Uganda. 

Customers and ambassadors in Kenya 2017 

Better Globe Forestry Ltd. has a good reputation in Kenya and Uganda. They cooperate with many organisations and have good connections with different political parties. In difference to other forestry companies, Better Globe works from the bottom-up. That means that all projects are established locally first and then taken up to higher decision makers. 

This way of working takes a lot of time but the local support that this way gives makes it easy to reduce the problem of corruption. Naturally this also reduces the problem of land-grabbing and all problems that is caused by this. Both for Better Globe as a company and for the local community. 

Better Globe AS is the part of the company that handles all sales of trees and donations packages. The company is located in Moss Norway and you can see their annual report of 2017 here

Better Globe Foundation

In 2016 Better Globe Foundation started to separate the charity part from the commercial. When we customers buy a donation package the donation part of the product goes to Better Globe Foundation. In this way, every cent of the donation goes where it is supposed to: donated trees to communities, schools, water and micro loans. 

Better Globe Foundation also cooperate with KenGen and Bamburi in “The Schools Green Initiative Challenge” where tree plants are donated to schools where students and teachers plants and take care of the plants. In this way children learn the importance of trees and the value of planting, preserving and protecting them. 


The magazine Miti, means tree in Swahili, is a tree business magazine. Foresters, scientists, farmers, students and all those in the tree, timber and related industries uses MITI as reference material. The magazine also contributes to a wider network for Better Globe, other people and businesses in the industry. 

Kebwesi Research farm
Better Globe runs an experimental farm in Kebwesi, where research is carried out on the cultivation of different trees. Jan Vandenabeele launched experiments at the turn of the century, but the farm is in the dryest area where Better Globe operates and is therefore very suitable for research on the cultivation of dry land. Conditions are all the same as farmers live and the farm is operated as environmentally as possible, for example, without electricity. Sheep is self-sufficient for the area, as it is a very good nutrition for the trees.