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Better Globe 

Better Globe is a Kenyan forestry company that works with planting trees on a commercial basis in eastern Africa. By planting trees they create many positive effects for the locals, animals, our environment, the local community, and for us customers. 

Better Globes vision is to decrease poverty and corruption in Africa with forestry. Making Africa a better and greener place for both nature and humans. By creating a commercial business this vision will make a long-lasting difference and help people help themselves in vulnerable areas. 


At the gate to the plantation in Kiambere you can see 6 year old Mukau trees. They grow very fast in length before they grow in width. A full grown Mukau tree gives about 4 m3.

Better Globe is the first forestry company that plants mukau trees (Melia Volkensii) in a wide magnitude where nobody has conducted forestry in a bigger scale.  

Today, more than 12 years later, Better Globe shows that it’s possible to conduct a sustainable and commercial forestry that does good in all directions. Better Globe continues to work holistically and sustainable and wants to to invite people to help and support the work in Africa because: 

·      By planting trees we care about people, animals and environment. 

·      Improving the living situation through cooperating with local farmers with agro-forestry, microloan, education and by providing clean water.

·      Working in the semi desert area that is not suitable for farming, this is where the biggest difference is made for the local community with Better Globes agro-ecology-model. 

·      Creating more work opportunities and adding value that stays in the country.

We hope that you like Better Globe and wants to support the ambition we share with the company to create a better world. That is something that we both earn by doing. In multiple ways. 


Workers in Kiambere, 2017. 

Some of Better Globes highlights :

2006 Better Globe is given 5000 hectare of land at the Kiambere Dam by the lake of Tana. The land is owned by “Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority (TARDA)”. The area has an unemployment rate of 65per cent and the people living here are categorized among the poorest. 

2008 Better Globe and Sosoma Ranching Cooperative Society (SRS) signs a Memorandum of understanding to use 60 705 Ha to plant trees on industrial scale. The document has been approved by local authorities. The project has been delayed because of legal and technical difficulties but is still valid today. 

2012 Better Globe starts a cooperation with Wity-Nyongoro Ranching Society where 21 500 Ha land is leased for planting Mukau and Mango trees. 

2015 Better Globe starts a project of helping farmers plant Mukau-trees on their own land in accordance to agro-forestry and agro-ecology-model which makes it possible to combine different crops for the best results. The farmers are given education, plants and Better Globe buys the trees back when it’s time to harvest. 

2015 Better Globe and KenGen enhances their cooperation on the foundation Green Initiative Challenge which is a 10 year project to plant more than 500 Ha forest for local schools and organisations. 

2016 Better Globe Foundation is registered to separate the charity initiative from the business to make it more transparent and professional. 

2017 More than 1 200 000 trees has been planted in the semi-desert area. 

2018 Better Globe starts planting trees in the northern part of Uganda.