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We are Asta and Sandra Norrman. As you might understand we are a mother and daughter that share the amazing interest of investments, passive income and how to have a rich life. Not only economic but in every part of life.


The past few years we have read many books and attended some seminars and educations about how to let your money work for you. We have started this blog because we want to share our experience and our passion. In the blog we will write about our thoughts of economy, health, self-leadership etc. We hope to reach out to many people that are interested in the same things or who wants to see other perspectives. We will share our experiences, both bad and good, and we hope that it will be useful or at least bring joy to you as a reader. 

Please note that we are only talking from our own experience, we are not experts or guides. All investments equals a risk and everyone is responsible for their own actions and inactions.  




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