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making money by doing good


Behind this page is Asta and Sandra Norrman, we are mother and daughter who are passionate about investments that do good in this world. It’s a fact that what we focus on expands and if we invest our money and time in projects that contribute to destroying our environment, that destruction is what we will face.
If we on the other hand invest in projects that are good for the environment and all of us who live on this earth then we will have a better world. To ensure this there are a few but very important key factors to this kind of success. It’s crucial that it’s win win win. Win for the workers doing the real labour, our planet and environment, investors who get their expected return on time and the market place which pays a high price for the products that are so highly needed.
If you want to be a part of the change that this world so desperately needs then reach out and contact Asta or Sandra or buy your trees and donation package here.



SEP 09, 2018

SEP 09, 2018



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